Forum of Civilizations-Echternach Days - Mission Statement




Intercultural Problems of Communication

Language and culture reproduce reality in various ways. This holds true for the mere description of reality as well as for the creation of values to give an order to reality.
Such differences are rather hidden than divulged by translations, as translations are mostly solutions at the level of the smallest common denominator rather than an exhaustive reproduction of linguistic contents.
In political as well as economic life stakeholders, as a rule, do not have sufficient time to cope with such divergences and to compensate them. Hence, communication in these fields frequently fails although common and reciprocal values are defined.

Decision-making Processes in between Different Cultures

The foundation "Forum of Civilizations-Echternach Days" aims at tracing those divergences of perception and expression and at defining and analyzing culture-specific values to help decision makers in politics and economy in their efforts to reduce language- and culture-based misunderstandings. Mechanisms of implementation will be developed together with the respective partners to transfer the findings effectively into praxis. Follow up events will further and help an efficient practical implementation.
All of this will be done within regular conferences, follow-up events and made to measure seminars for stakeholders in the relevant fields.

The "Forum of Civilizations-Echternach Days" perceives itself as a forum of discussion and implementation far away from any ideological position and is inviting major personalities to have a fruitful discourse. The foundation is open to cooperation with any other initiative active in a comparable field.